Nice to meet ya, the names’ Nishita!

5 Dec

Hello everyone! My name is Nishita Aswani and I am an Interior Architecture student at Florida International University. I began interning here at Shop Miami Style this past month, and so far I love it! I work on a creative level, generating slides and images for the site. It is really amazing how many different designers, both locally and from all over the world, are being represented; and being able to design according to their each unique styles is so much fun!

One of the designers that really caught my eye in my short time here is Palmarosa. Especially their 2015 line “Far and Away,” showcases exotic swimwear of all different styles, patterns, and even materials! I’m really loving this black bikini by Palmarosa right now,

I’m so glad to be a part of the Shop Miami Style family!
My personal design site is

Thanking you,


Morning glow!

7 Sep

Who doesn’t want to wake up with a nice glow? I know I do…and I think you all do too.

Let me start by saying that I am very picky when it comes to self tanning products for the face. Most of the time any product that contains self tanning elements will tend to clog the pores and leave the skin looking oily. However, the Sleep Tan Mask by James Read leaves the skin with a healthy glow without enlarging the pores and somehow keeps the shine down. Trust me, this products is a must. The mask contains skincare essentials such as cucumber, hyaluronic acid, red algae, and aloe vera which soothe the skin overnight. Make sure to blend as you apply for the most even tan. I prefer to put it on my neck, chest, and arms to ensure the most even look. Also, mixing in a moisturizer can help to prevent blotchy color. Im forever grateful for the person that turned me on to it and I hope you will feel the same! Let me know what you think!



Texture for days!!

25 Aug

Hey gorgeous gals! I know it’s been a minute and I’m so sorry for the lack of posts! Promise, it won’t happen again! Now to my newest obsession….

If you want body and texture, this Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is your new best friend! Its the one hair product that is always in my bathroom cabinet. Not only does the product give your hair body and texture, it also acts as a dry shampoo. So ladies you no longer have to spend time washing your hair everyday, just pick up this bad boy! This product works well on dirty hair and you really only need it on the root of the hair. Personally, I prefer to protect my ends from this product because it can easily dry them out. Having said that, try this product and see how it works best for you! I hope you love this little gem as much as I do!



The best Target find ever!!!!

25 Nov

Hello ladies! Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and are ready to get the week started. I’m sure for most of you the work week is cut short due to Turkey Day!!!! Whoop whoop! But first, let’s talk skin!

So I’m walking around Target getting a few things and I walk down the skincare isle and what do I find but a gem of a skin mask. The Firming and Lifting Hydro Gel mask by Look Beauty is AMAZING!!!!!!! Tried it on my chapped winter skin (I was in the mid west for the week FYI) and it was extremely hydrating and did just what it said, firmed and lifted my skin. The mask has vitamin e, green tea extract, and Q10 so it’s very gentle. I can’t believe the way my skin felt when I removed the mask…I’m so excited I found this!

Girls, go get this! I think it’s a no brainier! Comes with two masks in a pack! Try it out and let me know what you think!




20 Nov

Hi ladies! Long time no post! I apologize for the large gap in between posts, seems that wedding planning is taking over my life! However, enough is enough and I’m back and ready to blog!

Let’s talk essentials….

Three essential products/contraptions I always have are:

-Voluminous original Black Noir mascara by Loreal, a girls best friend

-Infallible never fail eyeliner in Black/brown by Loreal is my all time fav

-Curl those lashes with this eyelash curler by Revlon, forget the shu uemura this one is the best

-Line those lips in this nude lip pencil by Sonia Kashuk, makes looks defined not lined

I just picked up a second set of these four essentials for my travel bag because I can’t live without any of these products. What are some of your essentials?



Hold Please!!!!!!

3 Sep

Welcome back to reality girls! The work week has officially started and if you’re like me you’re already thinking about the weekend. In the meantime, lets talk hair! So….I came across an amazing product, Hold Please Volume Shine Hairspray by Victoria Secret. I bought this hairspray a while back but traveling has gotten the best of my bathroom and my brain so needless to say I have misplaced quite a few products. I spent most of my afternoon yesterday cleaning out my bathroom and what do I find but this gem of a product! I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say sexy romp hair is always in style!

Here’s the drill:

1. Wash and blow dry your locks

2. Curl or straighten your hair as you would normally do

3. Put some Hold Please hairspray in and you have volume, lift, and best of all fabulous texture (apply liberally from end to root)

4. Walk out of the house and watch heads turn

Happy Tuesday!



Let me count the ways…

26 Aug

Happy Monday Ladies!!!!

I hope you are all well rested and ready to start the week off with a bang….or not and that’s okay too;) I wanted to open this week with a post about Coconut Oil, my most recent go-to product. I’m sure many of you have used this product and love it as much as I do but maybe you don’t know how many ways the product really works. So let me count the ways….

1.) Coconut oil can be used every single day our hair, slab it on your precious ends before or after a blow dry and you will be pleasantly surprised by how healthy they will look and feel!

2.) Shower gel is another way I love to use this product. While rinsing off in the shower squirt some coconut oil in your palm and watch your skin turn to silk…my fiancé loves my soft skin after a good wash with coconut oil;)

3.) Use as a lotion or with your favorite lotion, mix equal parts for a slight glow! Mixing the two helps to give a glow finish to the skin and not a greasy finish…big difference!

4.) Use as a cheek highlighter! Take a small amount on the tip of your index finger and dab along the top of your cheekbones, looks amazing in photographs!

5.) Take a spoonful and down it…trust me it’s good fat.

6.) Try cooking your next meal with a little coconut oil…let me know how you like it. I love to cook up some eggs in the morning with a tablespoon of oil.

7.) Use as a massage oil…smells and feels fab!

8.) Try some coconut oil under your eyes as an ultra hydrating under eye cream. Just need a dab:)

9.) Lets start there…. I think that’s enough ways for now:)

Comment and tell me your favorite way to use the amazing product!




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